LED Lighting & Controls

Empty commercial business office interior space view in urban city downtown with LED lighting panels on ceiling

LED Lighting Incentives

By upgrading your interior and exterior lighting to LED technology, you can take advantage of incentives that not only lower your initial installation costs but also reduce your future lighting-related energy expenses. Combining LED lighting with controls enables customization, improves productivity and comfort, and enhances the illumination of outdoor areas during nighttime hours.


Why upgrade to LED?

Reduce expenses

LED lights consume up to 65% less energy than traditional lighting, leading to substantial energy savings that reduce your overall operating costs.

Improve lighting quality

LED lights produce high-quality lighting that will improve visibility in your building. They are also more resistant to breakage and emit less heat.

Customize your space

LEDs come in many different designs to fit your vision, including options such as integrated controls, dimming capability, color tuning, and selectable wattages.

Contribute to sustainability

LEDs do not contain hazardous materials such as mercury. Their longer lifespan also leads to less frequent replacement, lowering waste.

Approved contractors for Eversource & UI

Artis Energy Solutions is a top energy solutions contractor centrally based in Connecticut. We also work throughout the Northeast. Our initial consultation and assessment services are completely free.

Man standing in scissor lift working on LED lighting panel in grocery store
Customers love our install crew. Eli is pictured here installing new LED lighting at Goodwill in Monroe, CT.

Energy Efficiency Programs

There are a variety of utility programs in place to support your business or organization whether small or large. Artis conducts a no-cost, no-risk assessment before working collaboratively with you to develop and install the project.

Small Businesses

Through the Small Business Energy Assessment (SBEA) Program, eligible small and medium-sized organizations can receive a comprehensive energy assessment of their facilities at no cost to identify potential energy-saving opportunities and recommended measures. These measures can include lighting upgrades, HVAC system improvements, insulation, and other energy-efficient technologies. 0% on utility bill financing is available for qualifying customers.

Large Businesses

The Energy Opportunities program is an affordable way for large businesses to upgrade to energy efficient equipment. Our energy experts help our customers maximize cost savings by developing projects that combine multiple measures to qualify for higher incentives. We replace or retrofit inefficient operating equipment such as lighting, HVAC, chillers, motors, compressors, and controls.


Through the Multifamily Initiative, property owners can identify energy-saving opportunities and implement measures such as lighting upgrades, insulation, HVAC system improvements, and more. The program provides financial incentives, rebates, and financing options to help offset the upfront costs associated with these energy efficiency upgrades. Income-eligible properties may qualify for higher incentives.

Affordable Financing

Each program has unique financing options for businesses that want to upgrade their equipment. Based on eligibility, small businesses may receive 0% on-bill financing on energy efficiency projects. For larger businesses, your utility company partners with banks to provide low-interest financing on the remaining balance net incentives.

We look deeper than just

Our philosophy involves taking a comprehensive approach to assist you beyond your lighting needs. We help you assess other building systems to enhance comfort and reduce costs. By combining multiple upgrades, we can earn you higher incentives to improve payback that helps you greenlight your project.

An HVAC upgrade involves replacing or improving the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in a building to improve energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and occupant comfort. This can result in reduced operating costs, improved air flow, and better temperature and humidity control.

Enhance your current refrigeration and retail cases by installing more efficient LED lighting and high-performance motors. These upgrades not only help you save money but will better showcase your merchandise.

Evaluate your building for insulation and weatherization opportunities to maintain better comfort and lower your energy expenses.

Automate control of your building processes to monitor and adjust energy usage during peak demand periods.

We offer fixed distribution rates through third-party providers, which can assist you in managing your distribution electricity expenses and reduce volatility in projecting your energy expenses.

Are you ready to put money back into your bottom line?

Reduce costs
Lower maintenance
Improve comfort
Attract customers