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Maximizing your incentives

Understanding incentive programs can be difficult, which is why we specialize in helping your business utilize publicly funded programs ⓘ that let you save money on EV charging station installations and energy efficiency upgrades. Our comprehensive approach involves a deep dive into your organization’s objectives and a thorough evaluation of your property to leverage all available incentives. We walk you through this process every step of the way--- from first meeting to installation—while preparing and submitting all necessary documentation on your behalf.

EV Charging Station Incentives

Investing in electric vehicle charging is a lot more affordable than you think with state, federal, and utility incentives and potential tax credits that offset a significant portion of the initial cost. We can support you in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and throughout the Northeast.

EV Charging Resources

Business EV Charging Rebates
Programs for Your Business
United Illuminating - CT
Charge NY
Commercial and Fleet EV Charging Programs
National Grid - NY & MA
EV Infrastructure Make-Ready Program
Central Hudson - NY
POWERREADY Electric Vehicle Program
Con Edison - NY

Level 2 Chargers

Level 2 charging stations are ideal for locations where customers need to charge for at least an hour. Artis works with you to maximize available incentives in your location to offset a significant portion of sitework and equipment costs. Additional incentives are available for underserved and Economic Justice Communities (EJCs).

Incentives up to 100% of make-ready site work
Portion of EV charging station installation and equipment cost covered

DCFC Chargers

DCFC chargers are most suited to high-volume locations where there is a need for quick charging. They are significantly faster than Level 2 chargers but require much higher infrastructure spending. We work with you to optimize your investment based on your goals and available incentives for your location.

Incentives cover a majority of the make-ready site work in most cases
Rebates help offset EV charging station costs

Energy Efficiency Incentives

Energy efficiency incentives can help significantly reduce the upfront costs of adopting energy-efficient technologies, making them more affordable and accelerating your return on investment.

Energy Efficiency Resources

Distressed Municipalities Offer
Eversource - CT
Existing Building Cap Sheet
Eversource & UI - CT
Heat Pump Qualified Products List
Mass Save - MA
Microbusiness Energy Solutions
Eversource - CT
Small Business Energy Advantage
Eversource - CT

For Micro Businesses

Organizations that have smaller energy usage can also access incentives from the Small Business Energy Advantage (SBEA) program. Businesses in underserved areas have opportunity to earn higher incentives.

Incentives up to 80% of project value
0% on-bill financing available

For Small Businesses

The Small Business Energy Advantage (SBEA) program includes a free, no-obligation assessment of your organization’s energy usage including lighting, HVAC, insulation, and refrigeration. Improve your cashflow with incentives that cover a significant portion of the installation and material costs.

Incentives up to 65% of project value
0% on-bill financing available

For Large Businesses

Utilizing the Energy Opportunities program, we provide a free, comprehensive assessment of your building in areas such as lighting, HVAC, refrigeration and process to identify energy efficiency upgrades. We apply for incentives on your behalf and develop a solution that lowers your upfront costs and increases your ROI.

Incentives up to 65% of project value
Low-interest financing available

For Multifamily

Through the Multifamily Initiative, we provide a free, comprehensive assessment for common and tenant space to maximize your savings and improve your environment with lighting, HVAC, insulation, air sealing, strategies.

Incentives up to 100% of project value
Low-interest financing available

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Lower maintenance
Improve comfort
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