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EV Charging Stations

Which incentives am I eligible for?

Generally, incentives cover a portion or all of the qualifying sitework and a portion of the cost of the EV charger station. However, there may be some out-of-pocket costs for you, although these can be significantly reduced by incentives. The amount of out-of-pocket costs will depend on the configuration and location of the installation. To learn more, please contact us and share your goals, and we will provide you with more information and details specific to your situation.

Which brand of EV charger do you suggest?

We have several solutions available, including value, premium, and fleet options. We can guide you through the different choices and offer suggestions based on your needs and preferences.

Will there be any ongoing costs after the EV charger is installed?

Yes, the EV charger must remain online and maintained, usually for a period of five years, depending on the program. There will be a networking costs that can be prepaid for a discount, and you may also have the option to purchase a full-coverage parts and labor warranty to minimize downtime.

What should I do next to learn more about the program and the process?

You can get in touch with us by using our contact form or giving us a call to take the next step and understand more about the program and the process.

Is it possible to charge a Tesla at non-Tesla EV stations?

Yes, it is possible to charge a Tesla at non-Tesla EV stations using adapters that either come with the vehicle or can be purchased separately. These adapters are available for both Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers.

Energy Efficiency

I want to improve the energy efficiency of my lighting and HVAC systems. Who should I reach out to for a site audit?

Contact us by using the Artis contact form or giving us a call.

I’m a small organization and can’t afford a downpayment, but I would like to be energy efficient to save money and increase comfort. Are there options to help?

Artis can help match you with the best utility program available, which for some customers may include 0% financing on their utility bills. This option can lower costs and may not require a downpayment for small business customers.

Will I be charged for an evaluation even if I don't proceed with the project?

No, we don't charge for evaluations. After our initial meeting to discuss your objectives, if we determine that the project is not a good fit, we will not proceed with any further work. However, if the project aligns with your goals, our technical team will conduct an audit, create a design, and submit it to the utility for incentives. The utility will then provide a Letter of Agreement (LOA) for your review. You can either sign the LOA or decide not to proceed with the project at that point.

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