Electric and Gas Incentives for your Organization

Energy Efficiency Incentives

The incentive programs offered by utility companies make it very affordable to upgrade your facility to energy efficient lighting, HVAC, energy management and/or control solutions. Artis works closely with Eversource, UI and other utilities to provide solutions tailored to your facility that deliver energy savings that usually make projects cash-flow positive during the first month after implementation.

SBEA Program

Artis is among a small group of contractors that has been qualified for the Eversource and UI small business energy efficiency programs in Connecticut. This gives you the ability to immediately reduce your energy bill and save money day one while also providing the option of utility on-bill financing for qualifying customers, which in many cases eliminates or reduces the need for third-party financing. We can also support you in other states in the Northeast.

The larger benefits that may not be quantified upfront are the improved lighting for your staff and customers or guests as well as improved comfort if heating and cooling is improved and process is addressed, as applicable. It is also anticipated that upgrades will result in significant energy savings.

Whether you are a commercial business or a non-profit, Artis is here to help. Artis stands behind its quality and includes a one-year labor warranty in addition to manufacturers’ limited product warranties that typically last multiple years.  

Visit the EnergizeCT website for more information on the program and how it works.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Incentives

With the increase of EV and Plug-In EV vehicles with battery range rising, the need for Level 2 and fast-charging stations is ramping up quickly with many states and their respective Department of Transportations (DOT's) providing additional incentives to support your employees and increase your customer-traffic.

With our expertise, the goal is to minimize documentation and to simplify the overall process to maximize incentives based on your organization’s goals. We, along with the State and Utilities, support equitable incentives to support all our communities and organizations. Please contact us at (860) 613-7000 or fill out the form below, so we can help you.

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