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True Value Shop-Rite Hardware

True Value Shop-Rite Hardware is a locally owned hardware store located in Wethersfield, CT, serving the surrounding communities


True Value Shop-Rite Hardware in a locally owned hardware store located in Wethersfield, CT, serving the surrounding communities. Owner, Joe Scarpantonio, wanted to showcase his merchandise for customers and was hampered by an existing lighting system that created dark spots, shadows, and patchy lighting throughout his store. Joe also wanted to reduce operating costs by reducing his energy spend and lowering maintenance costs.


To resolve these problems, Artis installed energy-efficient LED flat panel lighting in place of the fluorescent lighting. Our team was able to work around True Value’s business hours to avoid disrupting business flow, so Joe’s team could continue to service their customers. Eversource’s Small Business Energy Advantage (SBEA) program, supported by the CT Department of Environmental Protection (DEEP) and the Energy Efficiency Board (EEB), provided cost-covering incentives exceeding $13,500 to help make this project affordable for True Value, as the business is recovering from the financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.


This new lighting provides a much more even distribution of light so that all the products in the store are displayed favorably, eliminating dark spots. Additionally, the new lights put out a uniform quality and color, giving the store a newer look and showcasing inventory in a consistent lighting condition. This allows for Joe’s customers and team to see all products easier and puts less strain on their eyes, improving their in-store experience. The projected annual savings of more than $6,500 will allow Joe to enhance other aspects of his business and further invest in its growth and success.

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