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Moore Eye Care

Moore Eye Care is a full-service optometry practice located in Bristol, CT


Dr. Michelle E. Moore is an optometrist and business owner who has supported her patients for decades. Her goal is to ensure that her team is positioned to provide the best possible experience and care for patients with individual needs and build the Moore Eye Care brand while saving money on her energy bill.

With the help of Artis Energy Solutions and distressed incentives from Eversource - supported by the CT Department of Environmental Protection (DEEP) and the Energy Efficiency Board (EEB) - Dr. Moore was able to customize lighting to address her diversity of patients, ensure that the lighting could be adjusted for specific tests, provide better parking lot illumination, and enhance the appearance of her sign.


Artis met with Dr. Moore and designed a system with flexibility and controls to give staff the ability to control light levels and color temperatures, which are vital for dilation and eye exams, among other tests. The exterior pole and floodlights were replaced with new LED fixtures with better light distribution to provide a brighter parking lot and safer perception. The exterior sign was also upgraded to LED. These lights not only provide better quality illumination, but they also consume significantly less energy than the existing lighting. In addition, Artis’ installation crew was flexible in working around the team’s busy schedule to avoid disruption with patient appointments.


Dr. Moore was thrilled that she and her staff could optimize the lighting conditions to best fit the needs of every patient while providing a well-lit, safe parking lot in the evening. The lighting in the sign allows for patients to better locate the office, and Moore Eye Care can now advertise their business even when it’s dark.

In addition to the functionality and safety benefits, Moore Eye Care received tremendous financial support from Eversource after qualifying for the SBEA Program. Moore Eye Care received cost-covering incentives of over $15,000 and 0% on-bill utility financing provided by Eversource, resulting in a cash flow positive project. As a result, Dr. Moore is now able to save $160 on her monthly energy bill, with projected 10-year savings of over $19,000 while providing a better patient experience.

“All I had to do was read and sign-off on the project, and the rest was taken care of. It was a seamless process.” – Dr. Michelle E. Moore

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